A downloadable game for Windows

Puzzle platformer where you cannot jump.

Move left and right with A/D. Reset level with R.

Game was designed to run with an aspect ratio of 16:9; it will not work with a different aspect ratio!

The game is currently being expanded into a full release, expected to be out Summer 2019! Wish-list on steam for updates http://deleveledgame.com

Kyle Donnelly (https://toasterfuel.com/)
Concept, Programming, and Animation

Patrick Nance (https://raindelaygames.com/)
Level Design and Music

Freesound (https://freesound.org/)
Sound Effects


Deleveled.zip 13 MB


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Fantastic platform puzzler! Brilliant puzzles, smooth progression of difficulty, and devilishly tricky platforming that requires a sharp mind and deft hands. Definitely some clever level design at play here, don't undersell yourselves!

Maybe add some screenshots